Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues

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Mobile Apps for Churches Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues

Today, everyone is constantly on the move, and there is no better way to stay connected with your congregation than by developing a mobile app for your church or synagogue. Mobile apps are the best way that your church or synagogue can strengthen your religious congregation’s sense of interconnectedness and community when they are out in the world and on the go. Religious apps offer a way to integrate technology into the experience of your congregation like never before.

Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues – At What Cost?

When it comes to bringing your church or synagogue up to speed with modern technology, it is understandable to be concerned about budget. Luckily, developing a mobile application does not have to be an outrageously difficult or expensive undertaking. In fact, thanks to sites like Elance ( and Branded Business Apps ( it can be easy and cheap.

What Does Elance Have to do with My Church or Synagogue’s Mobile App?

Elance is a site that brings together thousands of independent contractors – freelancers – who have the expertise in mobile application development that you’re looking for. What’s even better is the price tag. When you post your project, the fact that all of these independent mobile application developers are bidding to work for you keeps their fees competitive and relatively low. You decide the budget and you get to choose from thousands of qualified mobile application developers.

Branded Business Apps, on the other hand, is for those who aren’t interested in hiring a contractor, but would rather spend a little bit extra and pay a monthly fee to work with a reliable and well established company in order to set up their church or synagogue’s religious application.

Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues – For What Reason?

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, once you’ve found your church or synagogue has found a freelancer to begin working on the development of your mobile app, the opportunities you are presented with are virtually endless. For example, you can:

Send Out News Bulletins – keep your congregation up to date and well informed on all of the latest events, service schedules, etc.

Promote Community Interaction – religious mobile apps allow churches and synagogues to give their congregations a virtual location for connection and interaction that stays with them wherever they go

Does My Church or Synagogue Need a Mobile App?

A few years ago, you might have asked the same question about traditional websites, but it’s becoming quite clear that in order for any type of institution to maintain relevancy, mobile applications are the way of the future. It won’t be long before more people access the internet with their mobile phones than personal computers.

It’s no secret that the internet is one of the most powerful community building tools available. It allows individuals to exchange information in ways never before imagined. By building a religious mobile app you can bring your church or synagogue into that powerful exchange.

Mobile App Development for Your Church or Synagogue is Risk Free

Take the five minutes to sign up for Elance and post your project, or head over to Shoutem and take a look at the various packages they have to offer. There is zero risk involved.

Mobile App Builder for Churches

You don’t have to commit to anything. However, it’s highly likely that you’ll find the perfect independent mobile application developer, or an affordable and enticing monthly plan. You might be only moments away from building the religious mobile application that will propel your church or synagogue to the next level and greatly enhance your congregation’s experience.

When that happens, Elance provides all of the tools to guarantee your satisfaction with the final product, and Shoutem has a reputation for quality based upon thousands of successfully developed applications.

Head over to Elance or Shoutem and take the first steps towards providing your church or synagogue with the mobile application that it deserves.


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