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Free Mobile Marketing Training CourseAre you looking for free mobile marketing training?

We just launched free mobile marketing training for small business owners.  We go into detail on restaurant mobile marketing strategies, retail mobile coupon options, real estate QR code marketing, bar marketing plans, nonprofit mobile marketing ideas, church/religious mobile marketing strategies, and even salon/spa sms marketing options.


Canadian mobile marketing is a huge growth area – there are more text messages sent each day than mobile calls made. If you can launch text message marketing campaigns with relevant offers, you will see that small business mobile marketing is the lowest cost, highest response promotional tool in your arsenal. Continue Reading


Some Businesses want a Mobile App and some want a Mobile Website – Whats your Strategy  

Mobile Apps or Mobile WebsitesAre you trying to decide what works best for your company, mobile website vs mobile app?? We understand. The choice between a mobile website and a mobile app can be trying and confusing at times since both are so extremely beneficial.

We are going to go over some ideas about the pros of mobile websites vs mobile apps and the cons of each! Through this maybe you’ll have a better understanding of what you’d like to work on first, but don’t count out the other just yet. Continue Reading


Hair Salon Mobile Apps

Take your Hair Salon or Spa Marketing Plan to the Next Level with a Mobile App Strategy

Hair salon mobile apps are one of the biggest marketing strategies available today. With a mobile app for your hair salon, you have the ability to keep your customers and clients completely informed at all times. Mobile apps allow your clients to push a single button and have all of your information right at their finger tips.

You can develop your mobile app to say anything you want it to, and to inform your customers of anything you want them to know. Hair salon mobile apps are going to free up so much time and energy for you as an owner because a mobile app will allow you to set up automatic responses to many different things. Continue Reading


Small Business Mobile App

Do you want to Build a Mobile App for your Small Business

How to build mobile apps? Simple as 1, 2, 3! If you haven’t gotten your mobile app developed for your business or charity, you’re missing out on the #1 form of marketing currently used in the United States. Small business mobile apps are used by consumers more than mobile websites and far more often than consumers going into the store for more information.

Everyone is looking to find a more convenient way to get their information, and a mobile app for your small business is the best way to keep your information easily accessible. Continue Reading


church marketing ideas

Are you thinking about adding Mobile Marketing to your Church Marketing Plan – Religious Mobile Apps, SMS Marketing and Mobile Websites are Gaining Popularity

Mobile marketing ideas for churches may seem like an oxymoron, but in today’s world every organization can benefit in some way from utilizing mobile marketing. That includes churches and religious organizations. Churches want to expand their numbers, get their message out to more people and do more good in the world, and mobile marketing can help accomplish all of that and more.

Church QR Code Marketing

QR codes are a complement to an SMS strategy. QR codes provide an easy way to collect the cell numbers of your worshippers for future text messages. Continue Reading


Mobile Apps for Churches Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues

Today, everyone is constantly on the move, and there is no better way to stay connected with your congregation than by developing a mobile app for your church or synagogue. Mobile apps are the best way that your church or synagogue can strengthen your religious congregation’s sense of interconnectedness and community when they are out in the world and on the go. Religious apps offer a way to integrate technology into the experience of your congregation like never before.

Mobile Apps for Churches and Synagogues – At What Cost?

When it comes to bringing your church or synagogue up to speed with modern technology, it is understandable to be concerned about budget. Continue Reading


Mobile App OutsourcingOutsource your mobile app developers today. Stop wasting time and money placing ads in the paper or on career websites. Advertise your projects for free, and outsource to qualified people immediately. It’s quick and it’s easy. Best part, it’s free to join! You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about when it comes to outsourcing for mobile app developers.

Outsource mobile app developers are easy to find on sites such as eLance. To post a job on Elance go to Elance and sign up. It’s a very fast process, and it’s free to join. You’re able to post your project immediately and you’ll start getting applications for your position within minutes. Continue Reading

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