QR Codes for Realtors

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QR Codes for RealtorsReal estate agents are getting into the mobile marketing arena by implementing QR codes for realtors. QR codes can get you started in other mobile marketing strategies by providing a way to grow your database of cell phone numbers for SMS messaging campaigns.

Do you have a Real Estate QR Code Strategy?

Are you familiar with QR codes? They are those small, square black and white abstract images that are cropping up on advertisements, mailers, flyers, signs, and even objects. You will find them in magazines, newspapers, restaurant menus and products you have purchased. They are growing widely in use and becoming more recognizable by consumers.

Businesses like them because they provide an instant link to websites, mobile apps, text messaging forms, and even video content. They are not just for retail or restaurants; realtors can benefit from using them too.

Realtors Drive More Traffic using QR Codes

Embedded within the little black and white square is code that can link consumers to anything you choose to link them. Realtors have had a lot success with linking the code to virtual home tours. Just display the QR code prominently on a home’s For Sale sign or on information flyers.

Any person who drives up and sees the sign or takes a flyer can use their smartphone to scan the code and instantly be able to see what the home looks like on the inside, even if you are not there to show them yourself. Once a potential buyer sees the virtual tour, those who are still interested will be the ones to call or text you to set up an in-person tour. This can be a huge time-saver for busy realtors.

QR Codes and Real Estate SMS Marketing

realtors QR codesAs mentioned earlier, QR codes are a good thing to use if you intend to start a bulk SMS campaign. Through QR codes, you can gain the cell numbers of clients and potential clients who are interested in having contact with you, by linking the code to a form that allows them to join your text message group.

Once they opt-in, you are free to send them SMS messages with news about new listings, questions about what sort of property help they may need, or keep in contact in other ways you would like. On-the-go consumers like the ease and convenience of text messaging, and it saves you time spent answering phone calls.

Mobile marketing strategy is definitely better with a mobile website. QR codes can also assist in helping your clients and others find your mobile website. A QR code placed on your business cards or even on your car can link people directly to your mobile website, where they will find all the pertinent information that they need to contact you and to find your available listings. This pertinent information should include your cell number, office address, and past real estate experience. It is also a good idea to include a button that allows people to instantly call or text you with just one tap.

Real Estate QR Code Platform

Trumpia is an online text messaging service that also offers a comprehensive real estate QR Code Marketing Platform. In as little as one easy click, you can have a QR code that will link your clients to your best information and help them be more connected to you and to your business.



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Kristine van Dillen December 23, 2012 at 8:11 am

Very informative post. Seeing all the stuff that QR codes can do i now want a QR code in my visiting card. It would be cool for people to visit my business website just by scanning the code. I already can see so many ways i can put these QR code into use in order to grow my business.


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