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octomobi logoThis Octomobi review shows that the company has made it easy for businesses to convert their website to a mobile friendly website.  Using the Octomobi coupon code “octocoupon” any business can start using with a 100% free trial.

The Effectiveness of Mobile Friendly Websites

With improvements to cell phone technology more people are converting to smart phones.  There are over 242 million people in the United States that use a cell phone currently with more added every year.  People typically carry their phones with them and use them constantly.

OctoMobi Review Build Free Mobile Site

They use their smart phone to routinely find information – causing the phone to rapidly replace desktops and laptops for quick internet searching.  Continue Reading


Learning to Create a Mobile Website is a Must for Any Small Business Owner

build mobile websiteIf you still haven’t taken the plunge into mobile advertising then you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Building a mobile website could be one of the greatest things you ever do for your business. Times are hard, and people have started searching around for the best deals possible.

If you don’t have a mobile website and people are searching for the best deals or ideas from their cell phone, you’re not even in the game! You have to step into today’s world and today’s line of technology and build a mobile website. Continue Reading