duda mobileGreat looking mobile website design is what I was looking for and I found it.  My DudaMobile Review is going to explain how this mobile website design company not only looks great, but also is incredibly easy to use.

 About Dudamobile

Dudamobile was founded in 2009 and this Palo Alto, CA company uses its own mobile website creation platform that turns existing websites into mobile optimized sites.

Dudamobile mobile website platform includes features like one-click conversion to mobile, auto-syncing between standard site and mobile site, compatibility with all major smartphones, professional mobile site templates, click to call, maps and directions, and mobile site analytics. Continue Reading

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Mobile Marketing CanadaBusiness owners and brand managers in Canada are jumping on the mobile marketing band wagon in record numbers.

Canadian mobile marketing news is coming out weekly showcasing businesses in Canada that are launching mobile marketing campaigns to grow their brands and increase sales and interaction with customers.

Canada hasnt always been on the bleeding edge of marketing strategies so its taken a little longer for Canadian business owners to go mobile.  The Canadian companies that have started to add mobile marketing into their overall marketing plan have shown significant results.

When are you going to go mobile?  A mobile optimized website is a good start.   Continue Reading

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octomobi logoThis Octomobi review shows that the company has made it easy for businesses to convert their website to a mobile friendly website.  Using the Octomobi coupon code “octocoupon” any business can start using Octomobi.com with a 100% free trial.

The Effectiveness of Mobile Friendly Websites

With improvements to cell phone technology more people are converting to smart phones.  There are over 242 million people in the United States that use a cell phone currently with more added every year.  People typically carry their phones with them and use them constantly.

OctoMobi Review Build Free Mobile Site

They use their smart phone to routinely find information – causing the phone to rapidly replace desktops and laptops for quick internet searching.  Continue Reading

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TrumpiaAs far as text messaging marketing companies go, this Trumpia White Label Review found that Trumpia is in a class of excellence all by itself. By providing a comprehensive text messaging all in one solution they allow companies to put out their message on multiple fronts at once.

Trumpia offers a comprehensive text message marketing platform for businesses in Canada wanting to start a mobile sms marketing business.

Trumpia’s White Label SMS reseller program not only allows a complete marketing platform, it also allow a company to market Trumpia’s text messaging platform under their own brand name and logos.

Free SMS Marketing Account

What is Trumpia’s White Label Program all about? Continue Reading

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mobile marketing statisticsMobile phone marketing is taking off and in order to determine if launching a mobile marketing strategy is right for you and your business, you need to understand what people are doing with their mobile phones.

When the internet started to go main stream, it was the first time that people had instant access to a wealth of information.  Of course at this time people were tied to their computers and search engines were serving up most of the information.

Mobile search is now taking over the internet and taking over the access point for information.  If you look at the graph below you will see how quickly mobile search is catching up to desktop search.    Continue Reading

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Tatango Review Start Free TrialWhat a great company I have found for my bulk text messaging needs.  In this Tatango review I am gong to emphasis that now only am I fan of their unparalleled expertise and service, but many, many industry folks agree too.  When I went looking for a text message marketing company, I asked around and did some research, what I found was that Tatango is one of the leaders in the field.

If your searching for an SMS text marketing company in Canada that can deliver results and deliver your bulk text message campaigns to the Canadian mobile marketplace, Tatango should be on the top of your list. Continue Reading

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Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate Marketing Plans must now include SMS Mobile Marketing

Realtors are having success, even in a tough economy, by applying real estate SMS marketing strategies to their existing real estate marketing plan. SMS marketing provides a way for businesses to communicate with their customers that is cost-effective, reliable and meaningful.

Any real estate marketing plan has had to adjust to serious downturns in the housing market in recent years. Means of traditional marketing may not have been enough to keep realtors going, and where those methods have fallen short, mobile marketing strategies such as SMS marketing are taking up the slack. Continue Reading

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QR Codes for RealtorsReal estate agents are getting into the mobile marketing arena by implementing QR codes for realtors. QR codes can get you started in other mobile marketing strategies by providing a way to grow your database of cell phone numbers for SMS messaging campaigns.

Do you have a Real Estate QR Code Strategy?

Are you familiar with QR codes? They are those small, square black and white abstract images that are cropping up on advertisements, mailers, flyers, signs, and even objects. You will find them in magazines, newspapers, restaurant menus and products you have purchased. They are growing widely in use and becoming more recognizable by consumers. Continue Reading

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