Mobile Marketing Ideas for Churches – SMS Mobile Apps

by Michael Armstrong

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Are you thinking about adding Mobile Marketing to your Church Marketing Plan – Religious Mobile Apps, SMS Marketing and Mobile Websites are Gaining Popularity

Mobile marketing ideas for churches may seem like an oxymoron, but in today’s world every organization can benefit in some way from utilizing mobile marketing. That includes churches and religious organizations. Churches want to expand their numbers, get their message out to more people and do more good in the world, and mobile marketing can help accomplish all of that and more.

Church QR Code Marketing

QR codes are a complement to an SMS strategy. QR codes provide an easy way to collect the cell numbers of your worshippers for future text messages. Place a QR code on your Sunday church news bulletin or church program, or on any signage you erect around town. You can also link your QR code to your church’s mobile website or to a video that highlights the main points of a recent sermon. Utilize multiple QR codes and do all three.

Mobile marketing companies do a great job of helping churches and other organizations to establish a mobile website. As more and more of your worshippers become mobile, a mobile website becomes more important to engage them and keep church from being left by the wayside as they continue their busy, on-the-go lives.

A mobile website gives your worshippers a place where they can find you anytime and anywhere, whenever they feel the need to connect with their faith. It is also important to help new worshippers and those new to your community to find you. Be sure that your mobile website has vital information readily accessible, such as your location, driving directions, and sermon times.

Church Marketing Training Course

Why Churches Need a Mobile Marketing Plan

Whatever mobile marketing ideas and strategies you employ, you can rest assured that these strategies will help you to engage with your congregation in new, constructive ways that will enrich their lives and lead to their growth and the growth of your church.



Canada Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Do you have a Church Marketing Plan that includes Mobile?  Religious organizations all over Canada should start to look into mobile marketing strategies including:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are a variety of of mobile marketing firms, but before you decide on a church mobile marketing plan, Sign up for our Free Marketing Training Course.

There is very little doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of marketing as we know it.  As a religious organization in Canada , you need to start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing solutions will help your organization.

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website?
  • Are you considering mobile app development tools for your organization?
  • Do you think that you can take advantage of mobile phone advertising?
  • Do you think that builk SMS marketing is right for your organization?

If you are interested in marketing your church in Canada, take advantage of our FREE MOBILE MARKETING TRAINING VIDEOS by Signing up Below!

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