Mobile Marketing Retail Strategies

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Mobile Marketing Retail Strategies

The easiest way for you to build your retail mobile marketing strategy is to consider your customer base. If your retail store generally sells to mothers of teens, you want your mobile marketing strategy to target that group of people. The way you choose to market your store determines the amount of success you’re able to see from your strategy.

Mobile marketing retail strategies include everything from mobile websites, mobile coupons, QR codes and much more. You’re able to reach your general public in far less time with bulk message marketing and you’re going to be able to text your customers in real time with more information on sales or events. You have the power to turn around your retail stores profits and losses with the correct mobile marketing retail strategy.

Get started today, and start seeing a difference tomorrow.

Text message marketing for retail stores is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of advertisement out today, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With mobile marketing companies such as Tatango, you have all the help you need to start your text message marketing today. Jump on board and start sending text messages to your previous customers that allow them to see your new merchandise, or hear about sales.

You are going to make them feel like VIPs at your store when you send them updates straight to their phones. Retail marketing is a must, but with the cost of advertisement, you tend to lose more money that you’re making back. When you’ve had enough marking your books with red ink, you’ll understand what you’ve missed out on with mobile marketing for retailers.

Mobile coupons are one of the favorite forms of mobile marketing for retailers. With mobile coupons you’re going to be able to send out a mass text message to your customers offering them ‘10% off their order today ONLY’ and you’ll see your store fill with customers.

One of the TOP Text Message Marketing Companies for Retailers is a company called Trumpia and we highly recommend that you talk to them if your interested in retail mobile coupons.  You’re not requiring they clip anything or keep up with anything. You’re inviting your customers to come into your store, buy what they would have bought anyway, and save a little money. Everyone wants to save some money now days; everyone is looking for a deal.

Imagine your retail store’s possibilities when they’re able to reach out and touch their customers in a matter of seconds and invite them in to the store in real time. Imagine how much you can accomplish by building your mobile marketing strategy today.

With QR codes you’re going to be able to send out a text message to your customers and inform them of sales you have going on today but with much more information included. A QR code is very similar to a bar code that a retail store would scan, only it allows you to add tons of information all in one little spot.

With this, you’re going to allow your customers to click the QR code and be redirected to your mobile website where all of your sale items are on display. You’re going to be sitting steady and watching your store gain steady business. You’re going to be able to change your specials and your sale items, start events, and invite in customers in no time! You’re going to see a complete change in business and in the way you do business!

You owe it to your retail store to get your mobile marketing retail strategy in order. Go today and see how useful mobile marketing can be for your retail store. You have nothing to lose and your store will show a turn-around so quickly, you’ll be upset you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Go ahead, you deserve a chance to survive in this tough economy!


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Jill Griffin December 22, 2012 at 11:04 pm

Very indepth, thank you. I run a small pastry shop in town and just like every other small business this recession has really hurt me. I wanted to find some new way to draw and keep customers and this seems like just the thing! Thank you again very much *yay for cheap and easy marketing :)*