QR Codes for Business – Whats your Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

QR Codes for Business - Whats your Strategy

Does your Business Marketing Plan have a QR Code Marketing Strategy

QR codes for business allow increased customer engagement, brand recognition and loyalty rewards. What looks like just a small black and white abstract design in the shape of a square is actually a high-tech code that has the power to instantly connect consumers to information, videos and special promotions—or other information that you’d like to connect them to.

What is a QR Code

Quick Response Codes are aptly named, because they cater to consumers in our fast-paced, give-it-to-me-quick society, by supplying a quick response anytime the code is scanned by a smartphone. Acceptance and use of these codes is increasing, and there are now online companies that will generate QR codes for free, making it easy for even small business owners to get onboard.

How are Businesses using QR Codes

One way that QR codes have been used successfully in business is to track and generate sales leads. One marketing firm placed the codes on banners at a marketing convention. Right away, a few hundred people scanned the code. The company owner refined the code so that he could track the numbers of people who went to the company website from any source. He also had imbedded an email address in the code so that people who scanned it had the option to contact the sales department with no waiting.

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QR Code Campaign Examples

A Florida publishing company uses QR codes to promote its new book offerings. QR codes are placed on mugs, posters, t-shirts, and even things like yo-yos. Recently, the company went a little further for its latest publication and inserted an image from the book into the middle of the code. This effectively turned the code into a logo as well, since it became both an illustration and a link to the book’s website.

A gardener with his own business in New Jersey experimented with the use of QR codes. He had a code printed on bumper stickers which link consumers to his You Tube page, where he has videos promoting seeds of the month. He has since promoted the videos by giving away the bumper stickers to his Facebook fans.

A California cheese company uses QR codes to simultaneously link scanners to their online newsletter, Facebook page, and store Twitter feeds. The company gained 100 new contacts from the QR codes alone in the first few months of implementation. These are contacts who probably would not have found them without scanning one of the codes.

A sandwich shop in California uses QR codes in an inventive way. First, customers who opt to pre-pay either online or via their smartphone receive the code. When they walk into any of the shop’s locations, they can skip the line and go to a kiosk near the counter where they simply scan their pre-paid order. As soon as the order scans, cooks prepare the sandwich in less than 60 seconds. Customers appreciate the speed and convenience and have repaid the company with repeat visits.

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Why should YOU use QR Codes

You can see that used correctly, QR codes can be a boon to business. Correct use is the key—be aware of things such as user experience, who your target audience is, and whether the code is offering value and convenience to customers. A code that abruptly takes users to a page that asks them for personal information probably won’t be received as well as one that provides a more engaging and useful experience.



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