Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies and Tips

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate SMS MarketingMobile marketing and SMS Marketing is a growing trend in the Real Estate industry. Many realtors have found out the benefits for mobile marketing and they have learned how much freedom it gives them. You can learn how to use mobile marketing for your Real Estate marketing too. You will be glad that you took the time to set up a mobile marketing strategy for your business! You have nothing to lose!

Real Estate text message marketing has been proven to be extremely helpful for agents wanting to build new clients. You are able to send out bulk text messages to everyone in your contacts advertising your open house or an event that you are hosting, etc. By hosting these events and these open houses and advertising through text message marketing you are going to broaden your clientele and grow your business.

Real Estate is a hard business with the economy what it has been lately, and it’s expensive to advertise, so using Real Estate text message marketing is a great inexpensive way to get your name out there.

Text message marketing software can be used free before you buy. Trumpia is one of the best mobile marketing companies to use when first starting out. Trumpia has a free trial that will allow you to see exactly how useful mobile marketing will be for you!

There is a lot of text message marketing software that will allow you to use bulk SMS marketing to reach a multitude of people all at one time. The time that you will save by using this type of text message marketing software is alarming. With that extra time, you could be out selling a house and making additional money, rather than spending it.

If you are able to use bulk SMS marketing instead of printing up more business cards or sending out more flyers, you are able to utilize the tools that you already have, and you’ll never have to replace them. It’s so beneficial to use the things that you already have, rather than having to depend on someone to take care of the details for you. You are able to personalize the text message to say what you want and need it to say and when people read it, they’ll know they’re reading a message that is really from you.

Personalization is the number one way realtors are able to sell homes. People like buying from someone they can trust and that they feel like t

hey know. Keep up with your clients with Real Estate SMS marketing.

Another very useful service that you can find for text message marketing for realtors is QR codes. QR codes are designed to allow you to store a lot of information in one code (much like a bar code) but when scanned by a smart phone, it will send your clients to a website or to additional information without you having to put it on a flyer or a card, etc.

With QR codes you can send links in text messages to your clients and when you client clicks on the QR code it will link them to your website and allow them to view your available homes, or set up a new account with ease.

Real Estate mobile marketing is going to be the easiest and fastest way for you to reach new clients and retain old clients. With mobile marketing you are going to be able to keep your name and your business information out in the public market without having to put so much time and effort into it.

It may sound a little bad, but we all know that time is money and without money you can’t keep your business strong. You have to take the time to find the benefits that are in Real Estate mobile marketing and get started today. You will find it to be the most useful software that you’ve ever used. You’ll wish you had of found the text message marketing software sooner!

Since you are looking for the one for you now, we’d like to recommend that you check out Tatango and Trumpia. You will be glad that you did!


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