Trumpia White Label SMS Software Review

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TrumpiaAs far as text messaging marketing companies go, this Trumpia White Label Review found that Trumpia is in a class of excellence all by itself. By providing a comprehensive text messaging all in one solution they allow companies to put out their message on multiple fronts at once.

Trumpia offers a comprehensive text message marketing platform for businesses in Canada wanting to start a mobile sms marketing business.

Trumpia’s White Label SMS reseller program not only allows a complete marketing platform, it also allow a company to market Trumpia’s text messaging platform under their own brand name and logos.

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What is Trumpia’s White Label Program all about?

Trumpia takes branding to the next level with the Trumpia White Label. If you are a business that already uses text message marketing or if you are just starting a mobile SMS business marketing platform, this Trumpia White Label Review highly recommends considering using Trumpia’s mobile marketing software.

The Trumpia white label is a patented all in one SMS marketing platform that is presented under your own brand and with your own log. What an excellent way to enhance your text messaging marketing service.

What does the White Label SMS Entail?

The Trumpia White is one of the most user friendly in the business of SMS marketing, giving companies seeking a mobile marketing plan or simply a SMS bulk messaging ability their own platform. A comprehensive Trumpia White Label review found that a variety of service were included in the bundle. Some of these are:

trumpia video

  • A patented all in one platform
  • Email
  • Mobile Text
  • Voice
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • All in one marketing
  • Website Design Services
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Short codes and gateways

Start with a Free Trial – Use our Trumpia Coupon Code

Dedicated to outstanding services, and growing to the number one provider of SMS marketing Trumpia is currently offering a free trial to customers that want to get started.  By using our Trumpia coupon code you will get 2 times the number of texting credits during your free trial.  Including 200 contacts, 2000 monthly emails, 2000 monthly IMs, 50 mobile text credits, and 2 mobile keywords and last for 30 days.

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Customer Specific Features Offered By Trumpia:

A company is known by the ability to provide solutions are extremely customer friendly, and a Trumpia White Label review found that in the arena of text message marketing Trumpia is an excellent provider of services like:

Trumpia Features

  • Facebook Coupons
  • Picture/Video Messaging (MMS)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook Widget
  • Online Sign-up Pages
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Instant Message Marketing
  • QR Codes
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile eCards
  • Full Email Marketing Integration
  • Keyword & Short codes
  • SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Mobile Rewards

With the Trumpia White Label program a marketing company can offer all of these amazing customer centered SMS marketing packages under their own banner and with their own logo and name.

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Who Can Use Trumpia White Label?

As part of a Trumpia White Label review, it is important to first understand who uses text message marketing provided by Trumpia. The range of industries that have an SMS Marketing platform range, and some of these are:

  • Entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Industry
  • Politicians
  • Travel
  • Bars
  • Marketing companies

Marketing companies in particular can benefit from the Trumpia White Label program. Any marketing company that wants to start a mobile SMS marketing portion and offer their customers the services listed here can do so by going through Trumpia. Imagine having all this to offer a customer seeking text message marketing, with your own branding, and at no cost of developing the software. That’s amazing.

Trumpia 2.0

Why Trumpia’s White Label Reseller Program?

According to the research done while conduction this Trumpia White Label review, it is evident that there are hundreds of enthusiastic resellers of the Trumpia services under the Trumpia White Label because of the outstanding features, unique SMS marketing platforms, and an overall commitment to excellence.

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5 star review Trumpia

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Thomas March 20, 2013 at 6:17 pm

I have learned a lot about mobile marketing in the last few weeks but today I have read a lot of blogs about mobile marketing and I am looking forward to putting some of what I have learned into effect as soon as possible. You have a great blog here and I look forward to your updates so keep up the good work and keep the info coming. I just signed up for Trumpia, thanks for the review.

Michael Armstrong March 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm

Thomas – Im glad you liked our Trumpia Review. Trumpia is one of the leaders and they have a solid white label sms marketing software platform. If you have any further questions let us know.

Aaron April 3, 2013 at 3:50 pm

I like Thomas have learned a lot about mobile marketing in the last week and this is one of the better text marketing software that I have read about. It seems Trumpia has a solid white label platform and has a lot more to offer than the others. You have done a great job on this blog and you have answered the comments of others that is a big deal for some.

Fern April 4, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Thank you for this post I am shocked at how much information I have found on the internet about SMS marketing and text marketing for that matter. Your Trumpia review here has been a great one and I am looking forward to checking out these other companies as well. I understand that their software might not be as good but I won’t know if I don’t check it out right?

Michael Armstrong April 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Fern – The good news is that most sms marketing software companies offer a free trial of their services. So I always suggest signing up for the free trials so you can better understand what each text marketing company has to offer before making a final decision.

Anette April 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Your advice to sign up for the free trial on these is a great idea that way you can decide which one you like more and purchase that one. I wish more companies would do this because I always seem to buy the wrong thing and when I do I am stuck with it because there is no return policy. Trying before buying is a great policy and helps a great deal as well.

Michelle April 18, 2013 at 2:26 am

I visited the banner on the right side to look into what mobile ready websites are all about. I am surprised that mobile sites are so much like regular websites. I was worried that mobile sites would be mostly text with few graphics or photos. But now I realize such is not the case. Mobile sites have streaming video and images. I can hardly tell the difference, and I can’t wait to get started.